I, MJ Wolfe am an ACTOR playing the role of SPOKESPERSON in my client's videos.  I have no vested interest in any of the companies that I produce videos for and am simply speaking a SCRIPT on camera that is provided by my clients.  I have NO way to verify ANY claims, statistics, awards, etc. that I may mention about a client or their product.  In other words, if "Joe's Limo Service" hires me to create a spokesperson video AND they provide the script and IN that script I am saying "Joe's limo service has the newest stretch limousines in all of Ohio" - Obviously I have NO way to verify that, I cannot call every limo company in Ohio to see if they have newer vehicles than "Joes".

If I am wearing a "Lab Coat & Stethoscope" in a video, I never actually claim or SAY that I am a Doctor.  I make all clients agree to put the text "Actor Portrayal" in small letters in the corner of their video.  Should a client decide not to disclose that I am an "Actor", all legal responsibility falls on that client and their company or organization.


If you have an issue OR legal claim with a client that I have produced a spokesperson video for, YOU need to contact that company directly.  Just like if you were insured by "Progressive Insurance" and had a legitimate claim, and Progressive just decided "We are not going to pay." - You would NOT sue "Flo". Progressive's spokesperson - you would sue PROGRESSIVE, the company.


So IF you have an issue or claim with one of my past videos, please contact the company in question directly. 


Thank you,


MJ Wolfe