Michael-John Wolfe
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Aqua Talent Agency
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West Hollywood, CA 90069
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Theatrical: cpeldon@aquatalent.com
Commercial: bviglione@aquatalent.com
Los Angeles Talent Manager
RSA Talent
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Radical Artists Agency
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Stars Talent Studio
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Atlanta & Florida Agent
Talent Direct Agency
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Currently SEEKING Agents in Texas, Las Vegas, Arizona & more!

Self-Tape Audition Sample

Potential Agents can see a sample of the level of quality I can produce for a remote audition.  Once booked I can fly in to your location for the shoot, or possibly even for a callback. (See sample below)

Actual SAG-AFTRA self-tape movie audition sample (above), with Michael-John reading BOTH the "on-camera" and "off-camera" lines from his home green screen studio.